1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane, also called heptafluoropropane, HFC-227ea (ISO name), HFC-227 or FM200, as well as apaflurane (INN), is a colourless, odourless gaseous halocarbon commonly used as a gaseous fire suppression agent. Understand How FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems Work

Are you looking for commercial fire protection equipment that will minimize damage and offer the best protection in a fire? An FM-200 system is a clean agent fire suppression system, which means it uses inert gas and chemical agents instead of water to protect sensitive electronic equipment. FM-200 systems suppress fires fast by discharging gas (1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane) directly onto the surface of combustible materials. Heat is absorbed from the surface of the burning materials, thereby lowering the material’s temperature below the ignition point.

What Are The Benefits of FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems?

FM-200 deploys quickly and cleanly, and won’t leave behind an oily residue, particulate, or water. FM-200 systems are also one of the fastest suppression systems available and can work effectively in ten seconds or less. This extreme speed results in less damage, lower repair costs, and shorter downtime—not to mention a greater window of safety for any people that may be involved in the fire.

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What to Consider When Installing an FM-200 System

If your building houses mission-critical electronics and you have limited space, consider FM-200, a Halon alternative waterless fire suppression system that is specifically designed to protect sensitive electronics, such as telecommunications and computing equipment.

When it comes time to install your FM-200 system, you will need to:

Test and clean all detectors. Verify shutdown and evacuation circuits. Verify cylinder pressures and weights. Check for changes in hazard integrity. Check input and output circuit supervision. Simulat system discharge and test releasing circuits. Visually inspect agent piping and nozzles. Check hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses. These steps are paramount to ensuring your FM-200 fire suppression system is installed correctly. To ensure everything runs smoothly, our fire protection team at Firestone Fire is ready to support your fire protection systems. We service requests 24 hours a day!

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FM-200 Recharge Services or Refilling Services After you have installed your fire suppression system, there may be a time when you will have to use it! That is why we offer FM-200 recharge and refilling services to ensure that your building continues to be kept safe from fires. If your fire suppression system has recently discharged and you need FM-200 refilling service, contact Firestone fire today!

Is it Safe to Install FM-200 Systems?

If you are considering upgrading your fire protection equipment for a business, government building, university, hospital, data room or similar setting, this commercial fire suppression system can help. FM-200 systems can be safely used where people are working and present. In fact, the active compound in FM-200 is so safe that it has been approved for use as a propellant in inhalers to dispense asthma medicine.

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